5 Incredibly Powerful Crystals to Use in Your Daily Routine

Have you ever gazed on a flower and felt your mood lift? Flowers are beautiful and calm our minds to help us have good thoughts. They say that thoughts become feelings. When you have more good thoughts than negative ones, you feel calmer and focus on reaching your goals. Many types of crystals hold specific intentions to bring into our lives, from happiness to money to love. Using crystals in your everyday life helps you bring these intentions into reality.

Why Use Crystals Every Day

Just like meditating, exercising, or practicing yoga, crystals help in calming the mind and body. Using them every day helps with your intentions from focusing on work, or studying, calming anxiety, and speaking. Calming the mind is said to have many health benefits. By using crystals to reach your goals and intentions, you invoke the vibes within yourself to create your goals as your reality.

The Top 5 Crystals for Everyday Use
1. Clear White Quartz

The clearer the white quartz, the more they consider it a Master Healer crystal. They say it can detect negative emotions and blockages in the body. It helps with finding negative energy to release and let go of in meditation. It is a supportive crystal for any intention and to help you find your way if you feel unclear in your decisions. Keep white quartz crystals on your desk or in your pocket for support throughout the day.


● Provides clarity
● Is a Master Healing stone that helps find root causes to problems
● Removes negative energy and thoughts

2. Blue Lace Agate

This healing stone helps calm your mind. It’s also known as a stress buster. The calming light blue of this stone soothes your energy on even the hardest day. It’s an excellent stone to have in your meditation practice. Next time you feel stressed, try holding it in your hand for a few minutes to soak in the calm energy from this stone.


● Instantly soothes emotions
● Is a calming and peaceful influence
● Aids in getting restful sleep

3. Amethyst

Amethyst’s purple color is also calming and carries with it the ability to return to yourself. If you need clarity and insight on a problem, try using Amethyst to help you discover the truth within yourself. Using it during your journaling time helps clarify questions and listen for answers from within. If you want a decorative crystal for your desk, clusters of Amethyst look beautiful on any surface.


● Helps connect to your psychic ability
● Protects your energy and environment
● Enhances the ability to find answers within yourself

4. Selenite

This crystal holds a protective, energy clearing vibe to it. Its most essential qualities in daily use are to prevent other people’s energy from affecting yours. Whether working in an office or at home, other people may ask for your time and attention to pressing matters that interrupt your day-to-day activities. Place a piece of selenite on your computer keyboard, or in front of your monitor. Doing this helps keep other people’s energy out of your space. It’s helpful when reading an email. If you talk on the phone, keep a piece of selenite nearby to hold intending to create positive vibes.


● Protects your energy from others
● Provides energy clearing of negativity
● Enhances your clarity and focus in daily activities

5. Citrine

Citrine is an energy booster. It fuels creativity and recharges your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra. By using citrine in daily use, it helps keep you focused on your goals to reach them. It’s helpful to increase your willpower and direct your energy into your projects and work. Keep a piece of citrine on your desk for ongoing strength and support in your focus for the day.


● Boosts your energy levels
● Enhances your will power
● Focuses your energy on daily tasks

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