4 White Quartz Crystal Best Tips for Daily Use

One of the most used crystals is white quartz. It is functional and able to be used daily. It carries a wide range of capabilities that makes this beloved crystal easy for everyone to use. From healing work to journaling, kids and adults enjoy using white quartz. There are varying degrees of clarity. The clearer the crystal, the more energy work you can do with it.

How to Use White Quartz Every Day

White quartz crystals are functional in a variety of uses each day. They can help you focus at school or work, clear your energy of negativity, brighten up the atmosphere in your rooms, and even help in finding stuck emotions in your mind and body.

White quartz is so useful that it can even aid in finding the source of illness. It helps, for instance, in finding ticks on dogs after they’ve come in from being outside. To use it in this way, scan your dog or self with the crystal. You will notice the difference in the energy coming from the crystal when you pass across something that can contribute to illness.

Program Your White Crystal

It’s easy to program your crystal to your intention for everyday use. To do this, hold it in your hands and meditate on the thought you want it to absorb. Imagine yourself sending your intentions into the crystal.

Example intentions to program your crystal:

● I am clearing out any negativity in my space
● I am filling my environment and home with white light
● I am surrounding my home with protection and beauty
● I am holding the intention of focus for my workday in this crystal
● I am grounding my energy through this crystal to make wise decisions

You can program your crystal for any intention you want. Make sure to set it on your desk or a table nearby where you will see it. Since it will hold the energy of your goals, it becomes a visual aid to help you remember your focus.

Take Your Crystal On The Go

Since white quartz comes in a variety of sizes and styles, you can take it with you on the go. Here are a few different ways to do that:

● Put a quartz crystal point in your pocket
● Get a white crystal necklace with either a drilled hole or wire-wrapped crystal
● Take a worry-stone palm crystal along in your pocket

Use Your Crystal in Meditation

To use your crystal in meditation, hold it up to your 3rd Eye. The location of your 3rd Eye is in the middle of your forehead. As you hold it up to your 3rd Eye, you will feel the coolness of the crystal against your skin. As it warms to your temperature, start focusing on positive thoughts to send to it and to clear your mind.

Once you feel a connection with your crystal, hold it in your hands while performing your meditation. If you have trouble clearing your mind, try playing relaxing music while you meditate.


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