Do You Make These 3 Simple Mistakes in Writing Your Intention Statements?

When you understand how to write an intention for manifesting, you’ll be able to take charge of your life and purpose because you can ask for what you want more clearly. Knowing the basis, or foundation, for your intention is only the first step. Here are some easy steps you can follow to avoid mistakes when writing a clear intention to manifest what you want.

Mistake # 1 – Not being clear enough

First, you need to decide on the specific goal that you want to manifest. Once you’ve decided on this, write down a single sentence describing this goal. Try not to say it too fast, but do try to give it some thought. As you write this sentence, visualize what it would be like if you accomplished your goal. Try to write the one specific result you wish to happen as a result of manifesting what you desire.

An example of an unclear goal: I’m going to do pushups.

An example of a clear goal: I’m going to do 15 pushups.

Mistake # 2 – Being too clear by naming a specific person, place, or thing you want

One crucial point is that you should not be too specific about what, where, who, and sometimes how you want to manifest. For example, if you want a pet, but it is your neighbor’s pet that you want, don’t say that you wish for that specific pet. Perhaps you want the same breed of the pet as your neighbor’s. Be specific about the type and model you want, but not lay claim to an animal that may already belong to someone else. Doing this will help give your intention for manifesting a greater feeling of focus while not zeroing in on one specific person, place, or thing.

When you know your specific intention, write down more detail about it. The more detailed you are, the stronger your motivation to manifest, act and achieve this goal.

Mistake # 3 – Using language in your intention statement that blocks it from happening

Finally, you need to add specific language that keeps your thoughts in the present moment to manifest this particular goal. You can use any language that helps you feel empowered. You don’t need to know all the details about how you’re going to manifest this intention. If you are not sure how to manifest it, leave that part open to the universe to bring the right opportunities to you.

The way to write an intention is to make it in the present moment. We need to edit our words carefully to avoid bringing in limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs is that you may think something negative is happening, but it is not in reality, currently. An adverse event may have occurred in the past, and you believe it is happening again in the present moment.

When you believe this, it is called projection, when you project what you think is going to occur into the present moment, onto people, or situations. It often does wind up happening because you force it to happen with your beliefs and actions in reaction to your expectations.

So making sure that your intention statements are clear from any negative enforcement is essential. Intention statements are always positive about the future.

For example:

● I am manifesting my soul mate who is mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually compatible with me into my life.
● I am manifesting my ideal career by gaining clarity into who I am, what works best in my energy, and what I love to do that provides a stable, healthy monetary environment.
● I manifest money now by noticing the opportunities brought to me. I say yes to these opportunities to clear the way to make money now.

Do you see how each of these is clear and positive toward what you want to manifest? There are no “ifs, and, or buts” in the statements that may speak to past events. The intention statements say what you want to bring into your life.

Now it is your turn. Write your intention statement.

Once you decide on an intention, you will probably find yourself more willing to do anything to accomplish that goal, including doing things that aren’t necessarily easy for you. You will feel more motivated to do the next right thing towards your intention.

Once you have written out the specific instructions, you can now start to make a plan for accomplishing these intentions or leave that part up to the universe. The universe will bring opportunities to you. You will find that this is a simple way to change your life when you understand how to write an intention for manifesting.


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