Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered our most frequently asked questions below. If however, you still didn’t find the answer you were looking for please complete the contact form on our Contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What should I bring to the workshop?

A light morning tea along with an assortment of teas, coffee are provided on the day. You are required to provide your own lunch and any other snacks you may wish to bring. Please also bring a water bottle, a pair of socks to “work” in and a jumper or jacket in the cooler seasons. 

Should I fast before the workshop?

Some people like to fast before a workshop, however you are not required to do so unless you wish to. The attunements have been shown to show no signs of difference between someone who has and someone who hasn’t. This is entirely up to you if you wish to fast.

What will the attunement be like? Should I be worried?

You should definitely not worry! Everyone experience the attunements differently, and while the attunement processes are always the same, no two attunements will “feel” the same.

The changes and shifts that can and do happen, either during or soon after the attunements can be life-changing. 

The attunement will be explained, in the workshop, prior to the attunement taking place. 

Do you offer one-on-one workshops?

While we would love to offer one-on-ones, as we’ve previously done in the past, we are steering away from doing, unless we can’t find another alternative for you.

Ideally, it is preferable if you participate in a class with others. Group workshops offer you the opportunity for getting feedback from people other than the facilitator, Michelle. This can help immensely, as feedback from the others in the class can help you to trust that what you’re feeling or “picking up” can be felt and validated by others too. A group, learning alongside of you, is also an opportunity for you to learn from others and share your knowledge with them. Many long-term friendships have been forged from our workshops.

Do you have a refund/cancellation policy?

Yes, as an Approved Training Provider, with IICT, we were required to submit a copy of both our refund policy and our cancellation policy. 

All of our policies are readily available and should be read in conjunction with any of your bookings or registrations with us. 

Our policies are in place to protect both our customers and clients and ourselves.

I want to register someone else for a workshop, can I do this?

Definitely, you can choose to do it in either of the following ways:

  1. Buy a Gift Voucher to the value of the workshop and allow them to use the voucher to register online, for the workshop they wish to attend, on the date they are available.
  2. If you know that they are able to attend a specific workshop date, and there are spaces available, you can just register online and let us know the name of the person that will be attending.
Do you offer group discounts for multiple bookings in the one workshop?

Our scheduled workshops are kept to a maximum of 6 persons (unless otherwise advertised) and as such we don’t offer any discounts for these workshops. 

However, should you have a minimum of 6 people wanting to all do the workshop at the same time, we will offer the host (or organiser) his/her workshop at 75% Off the advertised price. And, we will schedule dates that suit you wherever possible. It is then up to the organiser to determine whether that discount can be shared amongst the others in the group or used solely for their registration. If you have a group larger than 6 and up to 20, with a suitable venue for us to facilitate from, then we are able to offer a more substantial discount. You can always get in touch with us, to discuss your needs and we will endeavour to assist when and where we can.

I'm registered for a workshop and now I can't attend. What can I do?

If you genuinely can’t make it due to accident, illness or other family emergency, get in touch with us as soon as is reasonably practical, and we will either re-schedule you to another workshop or see if we can arrange a “catch up” day so you can still complete the rest of the workshop.

We consider each case based on its own merits so get in touch asap.


I've completed the workshop and lost my certificate. Can I get another copy?

If you require another copy of your certificate and/or lineage certificate please contact us. There is a $20 fee for printing, admin and postage of duplicate certificates, payable at the time of your request.

I want to join an association but I'm finding the form difficult to fill in. Can you help me?

Definitely. We are more than happy to give you a quick run through on filling out the different associations’ application forms. Just get in touch.

Which is the best association to join?

There are many different associations offering membership. Some are just for the purposes of those who have learnt Reiki, while others included Reiki and other modalities. For some people, who may already have a membership for things like massage or reflexology, check to see if you can have your new qualification added to your membership.

It is best to do your own research to see which one suits you the best. 

I have a child who would like to learn Reiki. How old do they have to be before they can learn?

The age that one will teach children, is at the sole discretion of the teacher.

At My Wellness Academy we teach children as young as 6 years old.

NOTE: This is not in one of our regular workshops where attendees need to be at least 16 years old, but in one of our specialised Kids Reiki programs. The Kids Reiki programs are held over school holidays. Check our Events page to see when the next one is scheduled, or read more about it on our Work with Me page

I have a group of people wanting to do a workshop but we don't live close by. Can you come to us?

If you have a group of no less than 6 people, up to a maximum of 20 people, and live within 3 hours of Perth, please get in touch as we MAY be able to come to you. We’re open to discussing travelling, to facilitate a workshop in your town if there is adequate interest, and a suitable venue available (at a reasonable cost to us). 

I'm interested in doing more than one of your workshops. Do you offer a discount for multiple workshops?

Yes, depending on which workshops you are referring to, we do offer some discounts for multiple workshops*.

For eg: Those wishing to complete all of the levels within a particular modality (eg: Usui Reiki), we offer a package price. You can either register and pay for all of the levels (1 – 3) at the same time, at a heavily discounted price OR we offer a 48 hour discount on the next level at the level 1 workshop OR package levels 1 & 2 Only or levels 2 & 3 Only and save upfront.

Eg: Full package of Usui Reiki (Levels 1, 2 & 3) and save %


Pay upfront for Levels 1 & 2 or Levels 2 & 3 and save %


Get a 48 hour discount, at the Level 1 workshop to register for the next Reiki 2 Workshop. $50 Off Level 2, if paid within 48 hours of completing Level 1.

If you were wanting to combine different workshops, for eg: wanting to do both Seichem Reiki and Usui Reiki for eg: We would set up a tailored plan indicating what to learn first and when you could move on to the next level etc, and offer a custom quote for this. You can get in contact, via our Contact page to schedule a call with Michelle to discuss your package.

  • Some T&C’s apply
I would like to do my Reiki Masters (Level 3) but I don't see it advertised anywhere? Do you teach level 3?

Yes, we teach level 3 (Master/Teacher level). We only hold the Reiki Masters weekend workshop once or twice a year, at this stage. Registrations for Reiki Masters are by application only, and we open for applications during specified times of the year, typically 6 months before the workshop. 

Depending on numbers of those wanting to complete Reiki Masters we also, on application only, consider one-on-one apprenticeships throughout the year. You can always email us to see when we are offering our next Reiki Masters workshop or to discuss beginning your one-on-one apprenticeship. 

Our Reiki Masters is not just a weekend workshop, as may be available from other Master/Teachers. Our Reiki Master apprentices learn with us in the 6 months prior to the workshop. They attend (where possible) at least one or two of our Reiki 1 and our Reiki 2 workshops, to gain knowledge and confidence in setting up to teach and complete other requirements in that 6 months to ready them for Reiki Masters. 



I've been asked to upload my certificate and/or lineage, to register for a workshop. I'm having problems with this, what can I do?

If you’ve been asked to upload a certificate and/or lineage, as a pre-requisite to registering for the next level and you don’t have copies of these please get in touch with your previous Reiki Master/Teacher to obtain a copy of them. If that is not possible, please email us to schedule a call with Michelle, to discuss this. NOTE: We are required to see these, in order to ensure that you are entering the correct level.

If your problem is of a tech nature, and you can’t upload them, during the online registration process please email them to us and complete the remainder of the online registration process. Remember, when emailing the copies to us, to put your full name and the workshop (name & date of the workshop) you are registering for. To avoid delays in your registration ensure that the image is clear and information is not cropped off before you email them to us. A photo of the certificate and/or lineage is acceptable as long as it is clear and information is not cropped off.

Private Sessions

What do I need to do before and after my session?

For your session, wear something comfortable. If you usually get cold, when you’re relaxed be sure to wear something on the warmer side. When we relax our body temperature lowers and it’s not uncommon to feel a little cold even during the warmer months. We do have temp control but a pair of socks and something warm and comfortable are highly recommended. You remain fully clothed during at all times.

If you are pregnant, and particularly in the third trimester please let us know. You are still able to attend however we may need to change the way you lie on the healing table, or in some cases have you seated on a chair, if lying on the table for an extended period of time is going to be uncomfortable for you.

After your session, be sure to drink plenty of water as the body does a bit of a detox. And, listen to what your body is telling you to do. For some people this may be a bit more rest while others are more energised. If you have any concerns contact Michelle on the number provided to you at the appointment. Michelle will “check” in on you 24 – 48 hours after your first appointment, via text or email, so if you have any concerns at all please let her know.


I find it hard to "get out of my head" and/or relax. Will this affect my session at all?

We see many people like this and usually they are able to end up relaxing and switching off.

The first session, is not always going to be your best experience of a session simply because, if it is your first time having an energy healing session or first time meeting Michelle, some people tend to spend the first session wondering or worrying about things like: will I cry during the session, where is she going to put her hands, if I go really deep am I going to reveal things that I’m not quite ready to reveal. Others wonder what the feelings, they’re feeling mean and why are they happening. This is not always the case, but we endeavour to ensure you get the best from your session at all times, and Michelle is quite experienced at working around these problems.

How often should I come back for a session?

There really is no one correct answer to this question. It all depends on a number of factors, some of which include: what you’re expecting from a session eg: are you just replacing it with your weekly relaxation massage, or are you trying to work on healing a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue? The factors are too many to list here and we could go on, but Michelle will discuss your personal situation with you, at the beginning and/or end of your first session and advise you on what she would recommend for you.

Generally speaking though, for optimal results, we recommend 4 -6 sessions in the first two weeks, then moving to weekly or fortnightly session for a month or two and then reassess your requirements after that.

NOTE: When considering how often you should have a session it’s important to remember a couple of things:

  1. How long have you had the problem that you are trying to heal? You wouldn’t necessarily go to the GP once and expect something to be fixed immediately, and you’d more than likely go back sooner, rather than later, to avoid the problem getting worse. Furthermore, if the first appointment (whether tests, medications or other referrals were given) didn’t solve the problem you’d be likely to go back. It’s not uncommon, for people that go for a healing session, try it once and then because they didn’t get immediate results they give up and think that it didn’t work. Remember how long you’ve been “carrying” whatever it is that brought you here in the first place.
  2. Each session builds upon the previous session. So if you attend once and then don’t attend again until months later, you are then more than likely pretty much back to square one. If you attend on a more regular basis for a period of time you much more highly likely to chip away at the issue and get to the root of the problem much quicker.
  3. Consider how you are feeling at the end of your first session, more often than not it’s a pretty good feeling, so we say “how often would you like to feel like that?” and therein lies your answer. If you want to feel better more often, then do what makes you feel that way and if that is one of our healing sessions, then why wouldn’t you come back for more?
Do you offer a discount on multiple appointments?

We are currently in the process of building packages, for all of our sessions, and when paid in full will offer a heavily discounted price. Ideally, we want people booking these packages, rather than offering one-off sessions, as we know they’re much more likely to get optimal results if they’re committed to their own healing. It also helps us to build a rapport with our clients, which can in effect help with their healing journey too. Ultimately, we want ALL our clients to heal, so they can go off and live the life they dream of and deserve, and the best way we can do this is to work with them to do this, rather than to do a band-aid job (a one-off session, where they might feel better for a little bit but the problem comes back to haunt them sooner or later).

I'm running late for my appointment. What should I do?

Firstly, don’t stress and try to rush, as that is when accidents can occur.

If you are going to be late, then please call us 0415-775-133 and let us know asap.

NOTE: Your appointment won’t be extended, by the time you are late, as this would potentially make us late for our next client and that would not be fair to our other clients.                                                                                                                                                                   *If we don’t have an appointment immediately after yours, we may be able to extend the time, however this is not always possible. Michelle will let you know if she is able to extend or not  when you call to let us know you’re going to be late.



Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

For privacy and security reason we prefer that you don’t bring someone with you. There is a park behind our building and suggest that if someone is driving you, they can drop you off and wait in the park. They are welcome to stay in the vehicle on our property otherwise.

We are a home-based clinic and don’t have the facilities to accommodate other guests, during the private sessions, at this time.

If you have a baby or toddler, you are welcome to bring them however please consider whether they will be able to sit quietly, in the room with you, and whether this would be conducive to your healing session. Furthermore, healing can be emotional, so consider if you wish for your child to see you if you do become emotional during or immediately after the session.

I'd like to book my child in for a session. Do you work with children?

Yes, we work with children, as well as adults. A child’s session is much shorter than an adult session for a variety of reasons. Some of which are: children require less time on the table, due to the size of their bodies and how much they are able to receive the energy. Also, children are more often than not, more “open” (less sceptical) to receiving the healing energy so they don’t need as long. The same is said for pets and small animals. You can read about a child’s session here or book a session or sessions for your child from our online booking system here.

I had a session but I didn't feel anything. Does this mean it didn't work for me?

It is not uncommon for people to say that they didn’t feel anything during the session. This by no means, means that it didn’t work.

Even if you didn’t feel anything (and this can depend on your sensitivity to energy too) your body will use the energy that was channelled into it where it needs it most, and in the way that is best for you. A healer is like a conduit, wherein they hold space for you and are used as a channel for the energy to go into your body. Your body then naturally heals using the energy that was channelled into it. So, in fact, it is you and your body that is doing the healing, rather than the healer healing you as such.

Furthermore, while you may not have felt anything, you may begin to notice changes in the coming days which are a sign of the healing that your body is naturally doing. This may come in the form as something as simple of a change in perspective on how you think about the thing that brought you here in the same place. It may be hours, days or even weeks (in some cases) later when you realise (or become aware of) the changes and/or improvements.

I've heard of people having visions, seeing colours, leaving their body and feel like they are floating and other strange things. Will I experience all of this too?

All of these are not uncommon during a healing session however everyone experiences a session differently. And, even the same client will experience each session they have differently.

Some people experience one or more of these things (or a combination of them) and more, while some people feel nothing at all and that is perfectly normal.

Some of the other things people may or may not experience are twitches in the fingers, toes and other body parts, fluttering of their eyelids when they are in a deeply relaxed state, gurgling of the stomach (even if they have recently eaten), emotional and crying, runny nose after the session, yawning or burping, energised or completely relaxed. 

NOTE: One thing we stress, if you are going into a session with the desire to for eg: have visions, please let go of any expectation for it to happen for you. When you have expectations on something and those expectations aren’t met, it’s human to think that it didn’t work properly or that someone did something wrong and then the tendancy is to give up on it. Go on with no expectations and if you get the vision you were wanting, think of it as a bonus. If you’re interested in learning about enhancing your psychic (clair) senses, then you may want to consider learning in one of our workshops, circles or online courses. You can learn more about them here.

Can I combine some of the services you offer into one or more appointments?

We are currently in the process of “building” healing packages which will use a combination of our services to best enhance your healing journey. Until such time as these packages are available you are welcome to discuss a tailored package to suit your needs, with us. You can schedule a 15 min (free) call, with Michelle to discuss your requirements and get a custom quote on your package. 

What is an Intutive Healing session?

In short, an intuitive healing session is a session where Michelle uses a combination of the modalities that she is qualified and attuned to use, and intuitively chooses/uses what she is guided to use for you specifically. No two intuitive sessions are the same, despite people thinking they might be.

For eg: Michelle is qualified to use these and more:

  • Usui Reiki
  • Kundalini Reiki
  • Ashati
  • Healing Order of Golden Dragon
  • Karuna Ki Reiki
  • Past Life Regression
  • Seichem Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Psychic senses
  • And more

As such your session may use any combination of these. While the hand placements, she uses during the session, may seem the same or similar each time, the energy she channels will be different every time. Also, she may introduce crystals, smudging, some breathing techniques, drumming or affirmations to the sessions, hence she is intuitively choosing or allowing each energy to flow following what she is guided to use for you.


Will I get a "reading" or information from a passed love one during my session?

It’s important to note, that giving information such as this, in addition to a healing session is just that, an addition (or bonus). Not every healer is able to receive psychic information during a healing session. 

Michelle will ask you if you are open to receiving any “information” she receives at the end of the session. Not everyone is “open” to receiving information this way, and that is perfectly ok. It’s also important to note, that while Michelle does often receive messages and guidance for her clients, it does not mean it will happen every time but if you’re open to receiving it, she will definitely share the messages or guidance that she receives.

On another note, if it is really just a “reading” that you are really wanting, then considering booking for a reading instead, or if you’d like to learn how to receive your own messages and guidance, perhaps consider joining on of our workshops, online courses or development circles.

Online courses & Memberships

I'm interested in more than one online course. Can I get a discount?

We endeavour to keep our prices affordable for everyone and as such don’t offer discounts unless otherwise advertised. 

Currently we are developing a Membership site, where all of our online courses, and other services we’ll soon be implementing will be available to our members at a discounted cost. Our Founding members will be offered an even better lifetime discounted price. You can get on our VIP Waitlist to be the first to know when we are ready to launch here.

Until then, you can keep an eye out for our special deals by visiting our Facebook page or our Instagram acount, or alternatively sign up for our monthly newsletter to be informed of specials deals before we post publicly.


What will I get in my online course? And what will I need to complete it?

When you sign up for one of our online courses, you will need to create your account. You will have ongoing access to the course, and are able to complete it in your own time. 

You can read the course descriptions to ascertain what the learning outcome will be, of completing that course, along with what is contained within the course and what you will need to complete it.

In most cases you will require access to the internet, an ability to read English and a computer or other electronic device capable of accessing the online content. 

Can I get a refund for my online courses?

Generally speaking, due to the nature of our online courses and the ability to download manuals, workbooks and other aspects of the course immediately upon being granted access, we do not provide refunds on these courses.

However, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific concerns and we will endeavour to help when and if we can.


I'm having tech issues with accessing my course content, what should I do?

Please send us an email and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

I've forgotten my password or username?

Please use the “forgot password” link on your login page and reset your password. A new password will be emailed to the account you used to set up your account.

If you are still having problems, please get in touch via our contact page.



How do I book for my distance attunement?

When you are ready to register for your distance attunement, you can either use the booking link provided to you (both in the welcome email you were sent & on the course page “Scheduling Your Distance Attunement). If you can’t find these please use the contact form, on our website and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

Do distance attunements work?

Yes, distance attunements are just as effective as an in-person one. In fact, in some cases people find that the distance attunements “feel” even stronger than in-person attunements. This can be because you are more relaxed, in the comfort of your own home and less likely to worry about releasing any emotional blockages in front of other people.

What do I do prior to, during and after the distance attunement?

You will be provided with full instructions on what you are required to do. These instructions will be emailed to you, prior to your appointment, and they are also available within the course content.

What support is available to me after I complete the online course?

You will be sent a link to join our Facebook group where you will have access to support from Michelle and others in the group. You can ask questions, share feedback on your experiences and find additional resources freely available to the group. 

Feel free to introduce yourself after you are granted access, and share your feedback on the experiences of others.


I'd like to purchase a Gift Voucher for a session or workshop. Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate, available in multiples of $10 eg: $10, $20 $100 etc

If you would like a personalised gift voucher, or are purchasing for a special occasion please just choose from the provided templates and fill in the personalise section and let us know whether we are sending the voucher to you or directly to the recipient.

You can purchase your gift voucher here


I have a complaint about a service, product or course. What should I do?

Firstly, let us say that we’re very sorry to hear that we haven’t met your expectations. We value you and your feedback and take all complaints and feedback (good and not-so-good, if the case may be) seriously. Our motto is “If we don’t know something is broken then we can’t try and remedy the situation” so we ask that you direct any concerns directly to Michelle, so that she may endeavour to find a solution to the grievance.

If you are still unhappy, after hearing from Michelle directly either via email or a telephone call, you can direct your complaint to IICT or (insert name and link of the organisation in Perth). These organisations will more than likely suggest that before lodging your complaint that you speak with the provider (in this case My Wellness Academy – Michelle), so please get in touch with us before contacting the abovementioned organisations. If you feel it is a serious breach and/or are uncomfortable discussing it directly with Michelle, then please feel to contact either organisation.

You can read a copy of the National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers here (insert link). While, at the time of writing this, WA has not yet passed legislation bringing the NCC into practice, this is the Code that My Wellness Academy follow.

Are you insured, in case something happens while I am there?

Yes, My Wellness Academy have a comprehensive insurance policy and hold a Certificate of Currency for the insurance that they are covered by. We are able to provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency if required, and request for us to do so can be sent to us via email.


What are the links to pages on other sites, on this website?

You may find links to other pages, on this site, that are either links to other businesses, information and/or products and in some cases these may be affiliate links to products and services that we have an affiliation with.
We take no responsibility for the information found on these other sites, nor for links that no longer work or that have been removed. All links provided, in this website are checked and working at the time of writing. We endeavour to check all links, during our monthly scheduled maintenance of our website, to ensure that they are still working.

Full disclosure: we may receive a small commission, directly from our affiliates, if you purchase using our affiliate links. This commission is not taken from you, rather paid for by the company that we are affiliated with. We endeavour to disclose this information whenever we provide an affiliate link, from which we may receive that commission.

We only ever affiliate ourselves with products, services and/or businesses if we have used their services or products ourselves, therefore we would not direct anyone to something that we are unsure about ourselves. Our affiliate links are for products, services, tools and apps that we know and love.

I have a question that has not been answered anywhere else?

If you have a question that has not been answered elsewhere, please use our Contact form and let us know. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

Can I see a copy of your lineage and/or qualification, prior to registering with you?

Certainly! We’re so pleased you asked us. Just email us here and put Lineage/Qualifications in your email header, then let us know which one/s you would like to see and we’ll get a copy out to you ASAP. 

What associations are you a member of and will they accept my membership application after I learn with you?

While we have been a member of many of the different Reiki associations in the past, we decided recently not to renew this year (at the time of writing this, we are amid the Covid19 pandemic, so we trust you will understand) due to having to “tighten the belt” on our spending.

However, we are still an IICT Approved Training Provider, and will continue to be so. 

With regards to acceptance of your membership, we can say that we have never had any of our students have problems gaining access to membership. To the best of our knowledge, and from what we were told by a number of the organisations that we’ve partnered with in the past, they each assess membership based on its own individual merits and do not automatically accept you based on us having membership with them and having taught you.

That being said, IICT, Reiki Australia, Australian Reiki Connection (ARC) to name a few have all seen and “accepted” Michelle’s Reiki lineage and qualifications that she uses to teach with, so there should be no reason they would deny a membership based on those.

If you do experience problems with association membership, as a consequence of the certificate and/or lineage provided to you, after completing one of our workshops, please get in touch and Michelle, personally, will address the situation with the applicable association.

What does IICT Approved Training Provider mean?

My Wellness Academy, as is Michelle, an Approved Training Provider (IICT). This means that IICT have received a copy of Michelle’s qualifications and lineage, for each of the modalities she teaches. This is not applicable to some of the general interest and/or level 1 workshops, as IICT is concerned with practitioner level qualifications.

It also means that as a requirement of that, My Wellness Academy had to have, provide and supply a current copy of their Cancellation and Refund Policies. This is important because it means that you, the student, are covered by our cancellation and refund policies. Therefore, if you have a complaint re: cancellation or receiving a refund, that goes against our current policies, IICT will deal with the complaint for you.

Along with the copy of the policies, IICT also receive a copy of the certificates we issue for level 2 and 3 workshops, and the course outlines for each to ensure that we are offering a quality service/product.

On a side note from this, if you are registering with another teacher or for a workshop with another provider, it is not a silly idea to ask them  about their cancellation and refund policies, to ensure that you are protected in the event that something doesn’t go as planned.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you can sign up for one of our payment plans (Stripe) with a non-refundable deposit, followed by equal monthly or fortnightly direct debits from your bank account. Some T&C’s apply.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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