When we start out on a spiritual journey, and start to notice the changes that it brings about in us, it’s hard not to want the same for the others around us. We start being more loving, more compassionate and more understanding. We start seeing things from a whole new perspective. We can start to feel changes, not just in our spiritual being but also in our emotional and physical bodies; and why wouldn’t we want that for others? It is beautiful coming back closer to our authentic selves; and being happy with who we have become, but that doesn’t mean that it is for everyone.
The old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink, comes to mind. We can show a person a different way and try to guide them but we can’t force them to do what we do just because we think it is the right thing for them. Just as when, in a healing setting, we can’t force them to receive healing against their free will. There can be many reasons why a person may not want it, and it is not our “job” to force that on anyone.
For some people they may not be ready to heal, and while that can seem quite weird to others, they may need their illness or dis-ease still, because they haven’t finished learning from it yet.
We need to question, is that our ego at play, when we think that we know best and that we have to help them.
In a healing setting, often we can see just how much a lot of what we do, what we say and how we do things could benefit those we “treat” during a healing session and those in our personal lives too, but still it is not for everyone. Each of us, is here, to experience our human physical form, and for some of us, that requires learning the same lessons over and over until we actually learn it. While, we may do things differently, and see the benefits in the way that we do them, this does not mean that we are right and they are wrong. It simply means that we are different and we are each choosing the path that is before us.
We can show people our way, but whatever path they choose, it is their choice to make.
Students at My Wellness Academy (who are also our teachers), learn in a healing workshop, that one of the best ways of guiding someone is by letting others see the changes and benefits that they’ve got through their own practice. When we look after ourselves, and the benefits start showing people will question what it is that we are doing and even then we can only tell them at let them decide for themselves if they’d like to see those same benefits for themselves. The more we try and push our beliefs onto someone else the quicker they will back away, if they are not ready or wanting to take the same path.
One of the hardest things we can do as a friend or loved one, is be understanding when we really just do not understand.
It’s hard to sit by, feeling that if only that someone could make the change, that they would be so much better off than what they currently are. We might watch as they make the same “mistake” (our perception of one at any rate, for who are we to say what they are doing is right or wrong) over and over again, all the while thinking “if I only they did this, or did that”. It’s similar to when we first become a parent.
How many times do we look back and think “oh, that’s why my parents didn’t want me to do that” or “that’s why my parents did this”.
At the time, when our parents were telling us this and that, we just thought they were being mean and unreasonable…… where they were actually just trying to protect us. Some of us would have still done whatever it was anyway and possibly learnt the lesson the hard way. We all learn differently, and while some ways are harder, it doesn’t mean they are the wrong way. For some of us, learning the hard way, and in some case learning over and over again, can lead us to be better, stronger and more compassionate than we would have been if we hadn’t learnt this way. All you can do when you really don’t understand is be there for your friends and family, and understand that you really don’t have to understand how they are feeling or why. Just be there….
We can lose friends and sometimes even family along the way, on our spiritual journey, and while this is not always an easy thing often it’s for a very good reason. It’s not that we don’t still love or like them, it’s just that we may now be on a different vibrational level (not that we are better or worse, for there are no ladders, just different) and behaviours, personalities and many other factors may now be very different and we no longer resonate (or they too no longer resonate with us) with them. Often when this occurs another person or persons will come into our lives, and most often just at the right time, that seems to suit our path.
For some it’s like finding their own “tribe” and they feel like they “fit” somewhere for the first time in their life.
Like finding a long, lost family member (though not related through blood connections) that we connect with immediately.
It has been said it before, and it will be said again.
There are no ladders.
We are not better or more superior to anyone, nor are we worse or less than anyone. We are all different, and we all made the decision, to come to Earth for our own very different experiences. When we compare ourselves to others, we can often feel less adequate when we certainly are not.
We are all different.
Where someone else may be better than us at something they do, there is always something that we may do better than them. A great blog (written by Joshua Becker) that goes further into this and has some great advice on how and why you should stop comparing yourself to others, can be read here.
So, enjoy your journey and let others decide for themselves. Hopefully they will see the changes in you and want some of the same, but if not that is their journey, and not yours to dictate.
With Love,

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As a Spiritual healer, teacher and mentor, Michelle helps people to achieve their full potential and enjoy life; using a variety of disciplines. Michelle is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), Reiki Australia and is an Ordained Minister. She works strictly to approved guidelines set out by the IICT, Reiki Australia and the United States’ WMA.

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