First Degree Reiki for Children

Get your children out of the house these holidays and encourage them to learn something new…. register them in one of our Kids Reiki Workshops, in Butler.


Aged 6 to 13 years old love our Kids Reiki Workshops! Each workshop teaches them about sensing the energy field, how they can use healing on plants, animals, and people. They each receive a Reiki attunement, to Reiki First Degree that entitles them to the title of Reiki Healer. The classes are kept small to ensure that each child has adequate attention and time for lots of questions, and feedback. And… they get to make and take home some great crafts that they make on the day.

What does the workshop entail?

Our classes are presented in a fun, safe and enjoyable way. We take your child’s needs and development into consideration. Our workshop incorporates theory, craft and hands-on activities, where the children get to experience working with energy.

What we will teach them, during this workshop:

  • What Reiki is and how they can use it
  • About the history, and our founder (Mikao Usui), of Reiki
  • How to meditate
  • How to use Reiki energy for healing plants, animals and people
  • How they can use Reiki to calm and relax themselves

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone can learn Reiki. Children, unlike adults are open channels for energy and intuitive awareness. They have the benefit of not yet being blocked by preconceived expectations and ideas. Children are particularly receptive to spiritual experiences and are better able to incorporate new ways of working and thinking, than adults. Experience shows us that majority of the children that attend our workshops are:

  • Not into team sports, or socialising much with others
  • Not into the “usual” things other children might like to do
  • Quieter and more sensitive than other children
  • Don’t feel they fit in like other children
  • Can be withdrawn or considered by others as a “loner”
  • Feel “different” to other children
  • Already be more “spiritually awake” than others their age

No matter what your child (or children) are like, they can and will reap the benefits of learning this beautiful modality.

Benefits of learning Reiki

Reiki is one of the oldest and most versatile healing systems. Reiki works on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels and as such it’s believed to improve just about any area of your life. The Reiki energy is used to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Some of the benefits you are likely to witness, from your child learning Reiki may include:

  • Improved sleep and the ability for them to calm themselves
  • Improved concentration and better study habits
  • Stress reduction and more relaxation
  • An inner peace and improved wellbeing
  • Better coping mechanisms
  • Improved self confidence and feelings of worth

Each child is different so results will vary.


Each child will take home:

  • The gift of Reiki
  • A printed manual that they can refer back to whenever they want to
  • All crafts they do on the day (all materials are supplied)
  • A certificate – celebrating their achievement
  • A special gift, from Reiki Master Michelle

Ready to Register your child?

Michelle McIntyre

Michelle McIntyre

Reiki Master/Teacher

About the Facilitator

Michelle McIntyre is a fully qualified and experienced Reiki Master Teacher. She, as is My Wellness Academy, is a Platinum Training Provider (IICT). Michelle has been teaching Kids Reiki Workshops (specifically developed Reiki program for children) to the children of Perth, for many years. She is a member of Reiki Australia, IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists – in Australia, NZ and the UK), WMA (World Metaphysical Association – in US). Michelle is also an Ordained Minister and holds a current WWCC (Working with children check).

What they’re saying about our Kids Reiki Workshops:

“I love this school so much I want to come here EVERY DAY!”

E - 9 years old

L says to teacher: “So, when are you going to teach me how you do that?” MM: “What do you mean?” L: “That, what you did in there (referring to the attunements)?” MM: “You need to be a teacher to do that.” L: “Well, I am a teacher (said in a most cute and modest way).” MM: (Smiling and knowing) Yes, I’m certain you will be, however you need to be a bit older before you can begin teaching like this.”

This one is from one of our workshops.

“J has always been quiet and very shy. He’d never do anything to draw attention to himself, or anything that might make him the centre of attention. Last week, though, we were in the middle of a large and very popular park, when J’s dad complained of a headache. J offered to give his dad some Reiki, to which dad accepted. I couldn’t believe J stood there giving his dad Reiki. He was so proud of himself”

J's Mum (J 12 years old)

Do I really have to go home now? Can I come back tomorrow?

We often hear this!

“M just LOVES Reiki. She is Reiki-ing EVERYTHING. Her older brother and the dog, have a session EVERY day. She is unstoppable.”

M's Mum (M- 7 years old)

“I can’t believe the change in K. His teacher pulled me aside and asked me what was going on. Even his teacher could see the difference if his whole outlook. He is just so much more confidant, it’s like he’s a different person. I wish I’d known about Reiki classes for him sooner. I’ve told all my friends about you and the classes. Thank you again.”

K's Mum (K- 11 years old)

This All Sounds Great But…

Can I stay with my child/ren during the workshop?

Sure. We invite parents/guardians/carers to stay and observe, if they wish to. We do ask that you sit back, relax and watch rather than get involved though. We find that children participate more when parents are onlookers. Of course, if we needed assistance you would be welcomed to help.

I'm not sure my child will sit still for an attunement or may not want it when the time comes.

That’s perfectly ok. We don’t force the child/ren to have the attunement, though we’ve not had a child yet that did not want to receive theirs. If your child decides on the day that they don’t want an attunement, we’ll let you know and you can bring them back – just for the attunement, when they are ready for it.

What should my child wear to the workshop?

Good question. This is not the time to dress your child in their finest. We’ll be doing crafts, which might include painting and gluing, depending on what we’re doing that day, so please dress your child in something they will be comfortable in. NOTE: they may get messy so if you are worried about their clothes getting dirty please send along one of dad’s old work-shirts and we’ll pop it on them before crafts are done.

My child has a friend staying over, can I bring them along?

It depends…. You will need to have them registered and their mum/dad/guardian will need to have signed the consent form first. If we have a space available (our class numbers are strict, for your child’s benefit) and you get the consent form signed first then sure, we’d love to meet them.

Do you offer any other spiritual development classes for children?

We do! We have some fantastic classes for children wanting to develop both spiritually and for personal development. Our Crystal Kids classes teach them about crystals (of course) and how they can use them to heal. We also have a great school term (8 week workshop) coming really soon. If you’re interested in these, sign up for our Newsletter to keep updated, or keep an eye out on our website for details.

My child is not quite the minimum age or just over the maximum age, why can't they attend?

While ANYONE can learn First Degree Reiki, we’ve put a lower age limit in place because it is our preference, at this time, to not take children younger into these workshops. If you think your child is ready to learn, then feel free to contact Michelle to discuss this. And, on the other hand we’ve put the older age limit in, for a similar reason. If your child is older than our cut-off age, then talk to us about their learning. It is more about class dynamics, rather than whether or not your child can learn and therefore may just mean that we teach an older class, where your child could attend.

Why can't I just drop my child at the front of the premises? And toot, when I'm ready to pick them up?

We take the safety of both your child; and the other children, in the workshop very seriously. We have a sign-in & sign-out form, which you are required to fill when dropping off and picking up your child, so that we know who is where at all times. If another mum or dad will be signing your child in & out, just let us know so we can keep track. We’d hate to “lose” a child because we weren’t informed.

What does my child/ren need to bring on the day?

Due to allergies, likes and dislikes, we don’t provide lunch for the children. It is much safer for you to send your child’s lunch (clearly marked with their full name) with them. We ask that they leave their favourite doll or car at home or with you, so we don’t end up with lost property or things going missing.

Is there any follow up or support after the workshop?

ALWAYS!, after any of our workshops, facilitated by Michelle. Once your child is registered and booked into the workshop, you’ll be sent an email with a link to our closed Facebook group, where you can ask all the questions you like. Of course, if you don’t have Facebook or don’t wish to put your question in front of others in the group, you can always email Michelle and she’ll reply asap.

Will my child/ren receive a certificate?

They certainly will! This workshop qualifies your child as a First Degree Reiki Healer and as such they receive a certificate to celebrate this special day.

I have a question not answered anywhere else?

If you can’t find the answer to your question just pop us an email and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Is this workshop the same as one an adult may have completed?

Yes and No! While your child will learn about the history of Reiki and our Founder and a few other things you may have learnt in an adult workshop, these Kids Reiki workshops are a little different. These classes are developed specifically for children, as they learn differently to adults. They also don’t have a need to be shown the usual hand placements, that are taught in an adult class, as children will intuitively put their hands where they feel they are needed. With the older children specifically and on occasion, we may feel inclined to show them the hand placements but with most it is not necessary. We also offer Adult workshops too.

Ready to Join?

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