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My Wellness Academy was founded and developed by Michelle McIntyre. Michelle is a Spiritual and Transformative Healer, Coach and Teacher who is passionate about helping others to grow and develop throughout their spiritual journey. Michelle offers unique services and training to assist her clients and students to move towards greater spiritual authenticity, improving every aspect of their life along the way. Since opening her practice and developing her business, Michelle’s mission has always been simple. She strives to help her clients achieve and enjoy the life they deserve, through collaborative and customised healing, teaching and coaching (or some combination of those). Michelle believes that the key happiness to life lies beneath unlocking spiritual and psychological blockages in order to spark a personal transformation of individualised energy alignment.

Michelle’s interest in the wellness industry was established during a daunting period of her life, in which she was facing the risk of permanent nerve damage following a back injury. Due to her injury, Michelle was unable to receive massages, physio or any other form of body manipulation. Soon afterwards, Michelle was introduced to a local Reiki therapist who she began seeing weekly. Reiki became the only form of pain relief that was beneficial for Michelle’s injury, and the only therapy that was providing any comfort. Following a significant surgery, Michelle began learning Reiki for herself. From the very beginning, Michelle was always determined to study each of the three levels available. She knew she would move forward to teach the art, devoting any spare time to research and developing her own skills as much as possible. Michelle has since completed her Reiki Masters and intends to continue teaching for as long as she is physically able to.

Having practiced and mastered a wide variety of healing modalities, Michelle guides her clients through a range of disciplines including Reiki, Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Psychic Development, Intuitive Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Through intuitive healing services and educational workshops & online courses, Michelle is able to mentor and guide soul-centred healers who are looking to incorporate additional skills, knowledge and methods to both their private practice and everyday lives. Prior to entering the wellness field, Michelle worked in a number of management and training positions. These positions sparked Michelle’s interest to help her community youth to develop and grow. Over these years, Michelle’s greatest pride came from helping others to achieve things that they never saw possible. Michelle is able to continue this journey even more strongly in her present work with adults. This previous experience has proven to be invaluable in her current field as she assists clients to improve their wellbeing in a safe, non-judgemental, supportive and professional environment. In order to best support and mentor her clients, Michelle is a member of the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), in which she is a Platinum Training Provider. Many of the courses & workshops made available to clients adhere to strict organisational guidelines and approval. Additionally, Michelle is also accredited with the WMA (World Metaphysical Association), based in the United States. Michelle currently holds the position of Executive Director on the board of Reiki Australia, and is also an ordained Minister. After initially learning Reiki, Michelle left the corporate world to commence her previous business, Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development. It was here that Michelle was able to practice and teach Reiki professionally, further sparking her passion for the industry. Michelle works in line with all industry developments, expansions and changes, and has obtained all appropriate insurances to practice professionally.

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Address: 31 Newmarket Parade, Butler, WA  Phone: 0433.775.133 Business Hours: 9.30am – 6.30pm Mon-Fri, 9.00am-1.00pm Sat AFTER HOURS: By appointment ONLY

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