Are you ready to stop settling, for anything less than you deserve?

Learn the beautiful art of Reiki, at one of our regular Usui Reiki Workshops.


Are You….

  • Content with your own discontent? And feel as if you’ve settled for far less than you wanted for your life?
  • Curious about natural healing and wellness!
  • Ready to learn how you can heal yourself, your pets, family and friends?
  • Ready to let go of all the past “stuff” that holds you back from being who you are meant to be?
  • Ready to find your inner power and take responsibility for your own healing and personal development?
  • Ready to live a life you deserve – with more peace, wellness and balance!

Whether you’re just setting out on your Reiki journey – wanting to learn First Degree (Healer), or you are ready to take it up a notch and become a Reiki Practitioner (Second Degree).

Or perhaps even if you want to teach others this beautiful modality and you are ready to do your Reiki Master Teacher level (Third Degree) then we have the Usui Reiki classes for you.

I hear you!

When I decided to learn Reiki and take responsibility for “healing” myself, into my own hands, not only did I empower myself but I found that Reiki healed so much more than I’d anticipated.

Initially, I learnt Reiki so that I could use it for pain relief for a back injury, but what I got was so much more than that. My life changed in so many ways. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My life, that often felt “lacking” and “less than” what I knew I deserved, underwent a total overhaul.

I’d settled! Settled and believed that my back pain was just a part of me and that I’d have to live with it for the rest of my life.

Believing that “this was my lot in life” and that that was the way it was always going to be.

I went from being content with my own discontent to more Wellness, Balance and Alignment than I’ve ever felt before.

My life has changed in so many ways and so, my mission is a simple one

I want to share Reiki with you; anyone else who is ready to take control of their own lives and those that they care for.

Meet Reiki Master/Teacher – Michelle McIntyre….

Michelle McIntyre is a qualified and experienced Reiki Master Teacher, and operates from her Reiki Australia-Certified Clinic (the only one currently in Western Australia) in Butler, WA. She is currently the Executive Director on the board, of the Reiki Australia association.

She has taught many adults (men and women) and young children the beautiful art of Usui Reiki, at her Usui Reiki Workshops, in Butler.

She, as is, My Wellness Academy a Platinum Training Provider (IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

In addition, to being an industry leading Reiki Master Teacher, she is also an Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner (Reiki Australia accredited), and as such, she brings her vast practical experience, as a Practitioner, to the workshops.

Michelle delivers comprehensive training, in a hands-on, experiential workshop, like no other. She offers ongoing support, to all of her students. 

Introducing Usui Reiki Workshops

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a hands-on healing modality that originated in Japan. It complements Western medicine beautifully.

Reiki energy works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies in the body and gives a more overall healing. The benefits of Reiki are wide and varied; and each person experiences Reiki in different ways.

Some of the known benefits of Reiki include:

  • Relief from pain
  • Improved sleep and concentration
  • Improved immune system
  • Relief from depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Improved balance, and overall well-being

It is not a replacement for medical treatment from any medical professional, and instead works in conjunction with it. It is perfectly safe for babies and mums-to-be.

Usui Reiki First Degree

This is the first “level” when learning Reiki. Anyone can learn Reiki (we also teach Kids Reiki)

In this 2 day workshop learn:

  • The History of Reiki and about our Founder Mikao Usui
  • What is Reiki and what can you use it for
  • The 5 Reiki Precepts and how to integrate them into your life
  • How to perform a self-healing
  • How to perform a healing on others

Usui Reiki Second Degree

This is the next step on your Reiki journey. You will need to have completed First Degree Reiki and a minimum of 21 days must have passed (preferably 2 -3 months before moving on to become a Reiki Practitioner. Upon successful completion of this workshop, you are able to practice professionally (should you wish to do so) and offer Reiki as a service, to others. This is a 10 hour workshop and during this you will learn:

  • 3 Sacred Usui Reiki symbols
  • How to use the symbols
  • How to perform distance healing
  • How to set up to practice professionally (should you wish to)
  • Advanced healing techniques

Usui Reiki Third Degree

This 2 day event will give you the skills and knowledge to teach others, should you wish to.

In this hands-on workshop you will learn:

  • The Reiki Master sacred symbol
  • How to perform attunements on others
  • How to facilitate a Reiki class of your own (in each of the levels of Reiki)
  • How to perform a self-attunement (perfect for when you are not feeling at your optimal best)
  • How to create Reiki grid for healing
  • How to perform psychic surgery


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What People Are Saying About Our Usui Reiki Workshops

“So much more… Michelle once again shared her extensive knowledge of this wonderful healing technique. The classes are well structured and give you a great mix of theory and practical participation. A friendly environment in which you can ask as many questions as you want without feeling like you are wasting anyone’s time. The after workshop support is a great lifeline just incase you need that little bit of reassurance.

Reiki itself has changed my life so much already and a can’t wait to expand my knowledge further by practicing professionally and by helping as many people as I can.
Thank you Michelle for your guidance now and into the future.”


Reiki Healer

“It has taken me quite a while to find a person that I felt comfortable learning Reiki with. Michelle proved to be just the right person. Michelle is knowledgeable and concise in her teaching of this course. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to any person withing to learn and develop their Reiki journey.”


Reiki Healer

“Really appreciated your teaching style
I really enjoyed learning Reiki with you Michelle. I really appreciated and welcomed your teaching style. In due time, I’d love to do all the courses you offer. :)”


Reiki Healer

“Would love to come back another day. Loved it 🙂
What a beautiful 2 days we spent with Michelle. It feels like the start of a fantastic journey and I thank her so much for helping us all come together for the experience.”


Reiki Healer

“Lots of hands on work
Great course, loved it. Thanks a lot.”


Reiki Healer

“By the time you’ve completed any of these Usui Reiki workshops, you will have seen huge transformations in your life and you’ll be living the life you deserve.”

Michelle McIntyre, Reiki Master Teacher

This All Sounds Great But…

Are there any pre-requisites for each level?

Yes. Anyone can learn Reiki First Degree, and therefore there are no pre-requisites for the first level.

When moving on to the next level (Reiki Second Degree) you are required to have completed the first level a minimum of 21 days (preferably 2 – 3 months) prior to the Second Degree workshop.

Reiki Third Degree, requires that a minimum of 12 months has passed since your Second Degree workshop.

Michelle ask all those wishing to register, for the Reiki Practitioner and the Reiki Masters programs, to book an obligation free Clarity Call with her, prior to registration.

You are required to submit a copy of your First Degree and Second Degree certificates and Lineage with your registration.

I don't want to practice professionally or teach. Is it still worth me doing the next levels?

Definitely. You do not have to practice or teach if you don’t wish to do so. The additional benefits of doing both second and third degree, for your own personal development, mean that it is definitely worthwhile considering to do them. As with the first degree, each attunement thereafter initiates an even deeper cleansing and clearing, and more “layers’ will peel away.

I've heard others have done Reiki and had more than one attunement. Why is this?

Different Reiki Masters utilise different attunement processes. Some teachers may conduct 4 attunements over a few days, while others only perform one attunement, during a 2 day workshop. Both processes are accepted by most Reiki associations. Neither process is better or stronger than the other, it simply comes down to how your Reiki Master was taught themselves.

How many attunements do I need? Will I need a refresher attunement if I haven't used Reiki for a while?

An attunement is for life, so you should only ever need one attunement, at each level. Additional attunements will enhance previous attunements but they are not required.

My child is under 16 and would like to learn Reiki. Are they able to do so?

Yes. Anyone can learn Reiki. Michelle teaches Kids Reiki workshops (a specialised program specifically developed for children to learn) and the youngest she will teach (for her own personal reasons) is 5 years of age. If you’re interested in your child learning Reiki, contact us for more information.

I've learnt Reiki with another Reiki Master and feel like I need a refresher.

If you feel like you need a refresher, if there are aspects that you want to brush up on, then contact us to discuss doing a refresher course. In some cases, it may be as simple as coming along to a Reiki Healing Circle, and getting feedback from Michelle. In other cases, we can do a refresher course for you.

I've already learnt other levels, with another teacher but I'd like to do level 2 and/or 3. Will I receive a discount?

You definitely may be entitled to a discount. Please contact us at or book a free clarity call to discuss this further. Each case is assessed individually, by Michelle, as no two situations are the same.

NOTE: You may still be asked to attend the other workshops anyway, as Michelle likes to ensure that there are no “gaps” between what you may have been taught and how she teaches. Reiki Master apprentices are asked to attend these workshops (either as an observer or assistant), as part of their training.

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