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Private Healing Sessions

Are you feeling “stuck”? Have no energy? Feeling emotional or even physical pain? Have you forgotten what you really want from life, and feel that the life you truly desire will never be within reach? Have you lost your confidence and sense of self? If so, a private intuitive session could well be just what you need. These sessions heal on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels of your body.


We have a number of accredited workshops, that we facilitate on a regular basis. Whether you have an interest in Reiki, Crystals, Psychic Development or Spiritual Development, we’re sure to have something for you. All of our workshops are facilitated by a qualified Master/Teacher who is experienced in using the modalities in a Practitioner setting, as well as teaching them. And, not only are we qualified and accredited, we also adhere to a strict Code of Conduct (are also insured to teach these modalities) ensuring our training meets industry standards.

Online Courses

Are you interested in developing your psychic skills? Want some guidance on your spiritual journey? How about wanting to use crystals in your professional practice? We have a number of online courses, because we know that not everyone can attend in-person workshops but they still want to learn. We also know that some people just prefer to study on their own, in their own home, on their own time and that’s why we offer many of our classes both online and in person, giving you the choice as to how you study.

What People Are Saying

“Michelle was very calming and made me feel very comfortable and welcome. We had lots of opportunities for asking any questions we had and plenty of practical hands-on practise. The crystals and Angel cards were a lovely touch and made for a great introduction into how you can incorporate other holistic aspects into Reiki.”


Health Coach

“A down to earth environment where you are free to ask questions along the way. Very informative with lots of exercises to help clarify and understand. Thank you – loved my day and connecting with lovely ladies.”


Reiki Practitioner

“I have done several courses through Michelle, the latest being Ashati 1. I received my distant attunement by Michelle and at the time of receiving my crown chakra was tingling through most of the meditation, I felt like I was out of my body and floating in the galaxy/higher dimensions. I saw swirls and patterns behind my eyes and in my peripheral vision – all very galaxy like. My body was tingling all over at times. I felt AA Michael’s presence ( he has come to me during most of my attunements) I seen, gold blue and purple colours. I fell asleep for a short while and woke up feeling rested, connected and a lot lighter. I have had attunements/activations in person and this was my first distant one and there really was no difference to being in person. Thankyou Michelle <3 xx”


Wellness Practitioner


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