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Are you ready to start living your life’s purpose?

Is it your desire to share healing and insights with those around you?

Are you ready to start your own self-healing journey? Open up and enhance your natural “gifts perhaps”?

There’s a new paradigm of being on this planet taking place, right now, and if any of this resonates, you’re definitely in the right place and at exactly the right time.

I work with the healers, empaths and intuitives; the ones ready to start changing the world by sharing their gifts.

Through my programs, workshops and private sessions, I guide them to “awaken” the healer and psychic within.


Michelle McIntyre


Her programs, workshops and coaching provide a space for healers and Intuitives to awaken, develop and trust their gifts.

Michelle guides women (and men) to find their inner healer and intuitive abilities through her programs. As a practitioner and teacher herself, she brings the practical wisdom gained in her own healing practice to the classroom. 

What we do!

Private Sessions

Ready to start your healing? Book in to start healing now. We have many different packages to choose from.


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Love notes

– from our clients & students

"Thanks for being an amazing, and down-to-earth teacher, so glad I did the course through you. I love all the thoughtfulness and extra bits and peices you put into it. Thanks making us feel welcome and like your support will be continued. Highly recommend 💗💗"

Neisje H


"Wow what an amazing Teacher! Thank you so much Michelle for holding a beautiful space to learn Reiki 💗 thank you for making me feel completely comfortable, answering all my questions and supporting me with all my concerns! It has been such a beautiful, healing and awakening experience! I not only learnt Reiki, but left with so much more! Thank you for all the business guidance as well! I will definitely be back for your other classes 🦋 thank you thank you thank you 💗💗💗"

Allison M

"I had a lovely weekend of learning Reiki 1 and so much more. Michelle is passionate about Reiki and offers plenty of support and guidance as a teacher and healer which I was really grateful for. Thank you Michelle!"

Diane W

Michelle, it is hard to put into words the feelings of gratitude and love that I feel towards you. You have helped me find my inner strength, the ability to love myself and see the beauty in the world and those around me. Your guidance and support has changed the way I view the problems and issues that I believed defined me as a person. I have come to realise that this was not true and that I have more love to give and endless potential to share with those I love and spend time with. I have more courage and belief in myself for who I am than I have ever experienced and I know that this is only the beginning of a life journey that I am more open and willing to travel upon. Your talent of knowing what to say to encourage others to learn about themselves without actually telling them what to do is how a true teacher guides someone along this path. It is about self discovery not about being told how it should be. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have had you included in their life, whether as a client or as a friend has been truly blessed. I am forever grateful to have been one of these people and I will take everything I have learnt from you with me to make myself the person I was always destined to be.

Brenda P

"Attended Reiki 1. Totally informative, great take home books. crystals were lovely. Attunement was amazing. Michelle's teaching was very calm. Was a great weekend and highly recommend learning from her. Thankyou 😍"

Leah B

"Update I have just completed Level 2. So much learning - So much Fun. VERY informative and would highly recommend Michelle McIntyre for her awesome teaching 🙂 Thankyou so much"

Leah B

"Fantastic! Michelle is a wonderful teacher and I absolutely enjoyed the course from start to end. Such a lovely calm & peaceful environment to learn in. I can't wait to go back to her to learn Reiki 2. Thankyou Michelle!"

Raelene K

"Thank you for my angel guidance reading on your thread. it resonates with me 100% and I was gobsmacked at how well you could pick out things for me. blessings to you. highly recommend xx"

Alycia H

"From the moment I walked in the door I knew I was on my way to an enlightening and spiritual journey. Michelle is a wonderful teacher and a truly gifted person. I can't thank you enough for the teachings you imparted on me in Reiki 1 and looking forward to my Reiki 2 course with you. 💗"

Yolanda D

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